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Category: Disaster recovery

Business Continuity Plan Checklist: 6 Easy Steps

Creating an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is vital to proper business functioning in case of unexpected events, such as technical problems (equipment failure), hack attacks, human error, terrorism, or natural disasters. An effective Business Continuity Plan accelerates the recovery rate, helping the business to go back

What is Disaster Recovery Plan and DRaaS?

Today, businesses have become more dependent on high availability, and this dependency has reduced the tolerance for downtime, hence the reason for disaster recovery. Disaster recovery (DR) is part of security planning designed to protect a business from the adverse effects of any negative event.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Small business cloud computing forecasts estimate that 85% of U.S. small businesses are already taking advantage of the cloud, proving that the benefits of embracing cloud computing cannot be ignored. Maybe you’ve been considering the cloud as a way to unite and automate certain processes,

Don’t Let Disaster Strike, Start Backing Up Your Data Online

Disaster recovery and business continuity are IT buzzwords that simply mean “having an in-case-of-emergency plan.” Traditionally, these plans included duplicate servers, located out-of-office, that required hours of maintenance, monitoring, and of course copying and encrypting sensitive company data for storage. The benefits of online backup